Friday, May 25, 2012

Temple Workers

So I haven't posted in about 4 years.  I'm not going to try and update on everything that's happened in our lives, not gonna happen.  Way too much. 

We are enjoying working as temple workers in the Manhattan Temple.  A few weeks ago some people came to the Manhattan Temple and said they were from Brazil.   My husband just happened to be working at the front desk and of course asked them where in Brazil.  Remember, Brazil is roughly the size of the continental US.  Anyway, guess what?  Not only did they know the area Josh is serving in but they are in his ward!  They had him to dinner the Sunday before they left to visit the US!  What an amazing tender mercy to be working at the temple when they came in.  We had such a nice visit and they told us more about the area and the ward.  They were kind enough to take some things back to Brazil for Josh for us.  We stepped into the outside entry and snapped these pictrues.  Josh was at their house when he "skyped" with us on Mother's day.  We've had so many wonderful experiences in the temple, this was just one more of the blessings.

Ivoni and her son-in-law Junior.